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The 21st Century Merchant Bank

Founded by leading technologists and financial titans, Stone has created a new way to bank for everyone, everywhere.

Our Pillars of Governance

Who We Are

Transparency. Honesty. Opportunity. Innovation. Adhering to each of these pillars of integrity is how Stone Digital will become the best and most respected digital institution in the world. In an age of automation, exponential big data proliferation, blockchain integrity and interoperability, and quantitative portfolio management, the world of investment becomes an egalitarian, low-friction, easy to access experience for investors of diverse economic means and financial literacy. By embracing disruption and innovation, Stone Digital solidifies its position as the merchant bank of the digital age.

Experienced & Connected

Led by a team with experience managing a collective $1.5 trillion AUM as partners and executives leading global institutions, fast-growing tech companies, and top consultancies.

Innovative & Tech Savvy

Our in-house tech team is comprised of the world's leading technologists who have developed blockchain solutions for diligence, underwriting insights, and reporting.

Transformative & Grounded

Embedding cutting edge technology and financial innovations in simple, end-to-end processes that can inspire confidence and adoption.

Committed to Impact

Committed to inclusion and market access, transparency, and diversity, driving social change by offering investment opportunities that contribute to measurable high-impact environmental, health, and social initiatives. No green-washing. No BS.

Aiming Big

Offering unparalleled expertise in blockchain technology, finance, regulatory environments, and government entities worldwide, our team is taking on the biggest inefficiencies in liquidity, transparency, and access.

Policy Perspectives

Advising world leaders, corporations, and governments to help drive an improved regulatory view of digital securities.

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Our finance team averages 22 + years of experience and has completed over $500 billion in transactions.