Stone Digital

The Cutting Edge Investor Advantage

Transparency is at the center of everything we do. How? Digital securities make it easy.

Why Invest in Digital Securities?

Direct Ownership

When you own a digital security, you directly own your fractional share of the underlying asset, with direct income rights and significant tax advantages.

Stone Digital gives you access to high quality investment opportunities, offered at low minimums, allowing you to invest as much, or as little, as you want.

Fast Settlement

Unlike other ways you can invest your money, digital securities can be traded on or off our platform 24/7, and can settle in as fast as a few minutes.

Although we make the process simple, understanding digital securities can seem a bit complex. Our investment professionals and guides are here to get you up to speed.

Efficient, Low-Fee Diversification

Build a diversified portfolio without high fees.

Our full service platform will guide you through the basics of investing in digital assets. The investor portal allows you to explore investment opportunities and build a diversified portfolio that meets your needs.

Our technology eliminates the middleman making transactions faster and cheaper.

Asset Verification & Reporting

We provide verification that your digital security truly represents direct ownership in the underlying asset. We provide ongoing reporting on the asset’s performance and cash flows through our investor portal.

Our technology reduces risk by providing immutable proof of ownership and automated compliance.

How Does It Work?


We are in the market

We review thousands of opportunities to invest in digital securities per year. There are many asset classes available to investors these days, but choosing the right ones for your portfolio can be difficult.

Our platform makes the user experience for both investors and issuers as intuitive as possible. Our underwriting process ensures we only serve the top 10% of global issuers.


Secure and compliant

After we have properly vetted our high visibility issuances, we file an offering circular with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a Stone investor, you can rely on compliance from end-to-end in our public and private offerings.


Onboard with experts

Our experienced investment team brings an average of 20 years of experience from top institutions, including BlackRock, Rothschild, Deutsche, and more.


Sell on our secondary marketplace

When you are ready to sell, use our auction-based platform licensed in 34 countries, with access to over 1 billion investors. Use your phone to instantly trade, buy, or sell 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Blockchain technology lowers cost and increases liquidity, while making your investments safer with immutable proof of ownership